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This page contains utilities, documentation, and downloadable versions of the CERN HP-GL / HP-GL/2 viewer. The current viewer version is 5.43.

Packages  Linux

Linux versions of the viewer all use Motif. Whenever possible, the Motif-libraries are statically linked so that they are not needed on the local machine for running the viewer. The vendor/OS naming of the package files reflects the build platform. The binaries themselves are expected to run fine at least on any version of the OS greater than or equal to the one shown with the exception of where old dynamic libraries might no longer be available on newer releases. Note that Enterprise Linux versions exist for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the operating system. To run the viewer on other Linux variants (Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse, etc.), you may need to experiment on the different packages, as libraries may differ on the different platforms

Linux packages as gunzipped tar-archives:

hpglview for RedHat Enterprise Linux 4, 32 bits
hpglview for RedHat Enterprise Linux 5, 32 bits
hpglview for RedHat Enterprise Linux 5, 64 bits
hpglview for RedHat Enterprise Linux 6, 32 bits
hpglview for RedHat Enterprise Linux 6, 64 bits

Linux packages as RPM-files (built on Scientific Linux CERN, which is based on RedHat Enterprise):

hpglview for SLC4, 32 bits
hpglview for SLC5, 32 bits
hpglview for SLC5, 64 bits
hpglview for SLC6, 32 bits
hpglview for SLC6, 64 bits

Microsoft Windows

The viewer version for Windows runs on all known variants of Windows since Windows 95. Use the "Winzip" program or a compatible unzip-utility to unpack the file.

hpglview for all versions of Microsoft Windows


For MacOS X there are two viewer versions: One running on the Intel platform and the other on the old PowerPC platform. The viewer is an X11/Motif application similar to the Unix / Linux versions. Just mount the dmg-image and move the HpglView folder to the Applications folder.

On Intel platform the viewer is packaged as a proper MacOS X application. All file associations including drag-and-drop to the application icon should work out of the box.

On PowerPC platform the viewer is started by a script, which allows drag-and-drop to the application icon, but does not properly support associating the viewer file types to the application.

Note for MacOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.9 Mavericks: Starting from MacOS X 10.8 Apple has dropped X11 server from the base distribution. As the HP-GL viewer needs X11 to run, you will need to get it separately and install it yourself on your machine. For details see Apple knowledgebase article: About X11 and OS X. Note also that since the CERN HP-GL viewer is not an Apple-signed application, Mac Gatekeeper will block it from running in its default settings. To enable it after installing the viewer into the Applications folder, run command:

sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/HpglView

from a terminal window and give your password when prompted.

hpglview for Apple MacOS X on Intel platform
hpglview for Apple MacOS X on PowerPC platform

Attic: Old and deprecated unsupported versions

In the parenthesis is shown the version of the HP-GL viewer in the package.

Linux packages:

hpglview for RedHat Linux 6.1 (version 5.41)
hpglview for RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 (version 5.41)

The following Unix-style binary packages are available for historical Unix platforms:

hpglview for Digital OSF1 4.0 (version 5.30)
hpglview for SGI IRIX 6.5 (version 5.40)
hpglview for HP-UX 10.20 (version 5.41)
hpglview for IBM AIX 4.3 (version 5.41)
hpglview for Sun Solaris 2.9 (version 5.41)

A viewer version running under Classic MacOS 8 and newer is also still available for the very old fashioned. This is a self extracting file created using the "stuffit" program. Binaries for both 68000 and PowerPC architectures are included. On MacOS X the binaries can be run in the MacOS 9 compatibilty mode on OS versions that support it.

hpglview for Apple MacOS Classic (version 5.41)

Documentation  The following documentation file is available:

User's Guide (PDF)

A user's guide to the viewer versions 5.43 in Adobe PDF format.

If you have any problems retrieving or processing any of these files, please contact HP-GL Support.

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